Man throws watermelon into the mouth of a huge crocodile and this one destroys it in a thousand pieces [VIDEO]

A video shared on YouTube has become viral and has generated that thousands of users are impacted, because it shows the precise moment in which the keeper of a zoo in Colombia throws a watermelon in the mouth of a huge reptile and this destroys it in a thousand pieces. The spooky clip soon became a trend on various social networks, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

Without fear of anything, the man entered the crocodile enclosure with a watermelon in his hands, threw it directly into the snout of a hungry creature and it destroyed it in a thousand pieces. The dangerous scene recorded on YouTube was part of the zoo’s show to make visitors aware of healthy food.

Video was viralized on YouTube. A zookeeper walked into a sanctuary of hungry crocodiles and fed a watermelon to a reptile, not imagining what would happen.

In the YouTube viral recording he recorded the terrifying moment when a huge American alligator tore apart a watermelon with its powerful jaw; however, what caused great surprise among those present was that the huge crocodile was able to eat fruit being a carnivorous animal.

According to wildlife experts, crocodiles can eat fruits and vegetables to aid in the digestion process. Another explanation is simply nutritious, these foods balance their diet and energy; for this reason, reptiles are considered highly successful in animal survival, as they find other food sources.

The YouTube viral video showed in slow motion the powerful bite crocodiles take in feeding on their helpless prey when they fall into their death trap. It should be noted that they have one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom with a bite that reaches 1,800 kilos of force.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the iTicles page, which accumulated more than 20,000 reproductions, 500 shared and 200 comments. “Really scary,” “it’s amazing to see his lethal bite so close,” users wrote on social networks.

Watch the YouTube viral video:

  1. You should really get educated about the difference between crocodiles and alligators, information is good as long as it is accurate and your post is not.


  2. Nothing in this article is accurate. It happened in Florida, it was filmed by a woman, they knew exactly what would happen, and those are alligators not crocodiles. To top it off this Video was illegally posted on YouTube and belongs to the St Augustine Alligator Farm.

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