Man Shoves His Camera Into The Water And Sees That He Is Being Chased By Huge Marine Animals [VIDEO]

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A man shared on YouTube, a video that shows the appearance of the huge animals that chased him while he was boating in the UK sea.

On YouTube a video went viral that shows the precise moment in which a boy, who was boating , puts his camera into the sea and manages to capture huge animals chasing him on his trip. The clip quickly became a trend in Canada, the United States and England.

YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms in the world, thanks to thousands of videos that capture the attention of thousands of users, such as a video shared by a boy who was boating.

Craig, a young man from the United Kingdom, decided to spend a moment doing canoeing, also called kayaking . While facing the Isle of Man, he noticed that something strange was happening behind him, but when he turned around he saw nothing unusual.

After several minutes, he felt something strange again, so he took his camera and put it into the sea to know what was happening. What your Go Pro recorded has left thousands of users captivated.

As seen in the viral video on YouTube, the camera managed to capture a huge gray seals chasing him for much of the trip. Gradually several of these curious animals appeared.

Several YouTube users, envied Craig a little, for the magical moment he lived doing his favorite sport. And it is not usual to be chased by these cute animals.



Source: La Republica