Man Risks Serious Injury for Poolside Stunt Prior to Florida Hurricane

The stuntman in the video is a combat wounded war veteran named Winn. Besides being a courageous vet, he is also a caring friend. Winn heard about an approaching hurricane on the way to Florida where his good buddy lives.

After receiving news that his friend would be going through his first hurricane alone, he decided to make the 2100 mile commute all the way from Wyoming to provide support and pull off a goofy stunt to help his pal forget about the approaching hurricane. You could say he did indeed lighten the mood while also putting a huge risk to his well-being.

In the video, we see that he was extremely close to the ledge of the pool after breaking through the screen and falling in. This stunt could have landed Winn with a fractured bone or even a head injury. Nevertheless, it represents how focused the veteran was on taking the light off the hurricane and instead shining it on having a good time.

Afterwards his comrade had this to say, “He is a true American and a true friend.”

Source: ViralHog