Man Risks His Own Life Rescuing A Helpless Drowning Animal  [VIDEO]

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The apparent struggle between a man and a dog that tried to drag him to a river ended up becoming a tender story of humanity, and all thanks to the “zoom” of the cameraman who recorded the situation.

People witnessed what appeared to be a battle between a man and a mysterious creature that was dragging him towards into the water, but they didn’t imagine that it was a totally different and that concealed a courageous action of an animal rescuer.

The person recording the video zoomed in from his cell and captures the true identity of the animal. Actually it was an incredible rescue that had a man that risked drowning to save a dog from the bottom of a river. 

The man did not hesitate for a moment to enter the turbulent waters of a river to rescue a dog that had fallen in by accident. Risking his own life, the man hung on a railing and with his feet was able to reach the body of the dog to pull him up safely.

It is not yet known how long the dog was in the river. The brave man lifted the dog with his legs and put it on the surface with the help of several people who were in the vicinity. 

Among the large number of messages recorded, watchers did not skimp on congratulating the man for the beautiful action that made him the hero of the day. “Amazing! He risked his life for that of a helpless being “,” Congratulations, you are a good man “,” With this action I still believe in humanity “, were the comments that were disseminated on social networks.  


Source: La Republica