Man Risks His Life by Entering the Sea to Save Turtle Covered in Plastic

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 A man who did not hesitate to risk his life to enter the sea and save a turtle covered in plastic.

A turtle was a victim of the pollution that exists in the world. The animal was covered in plastic debris ; nevertheless, he received the help of a man who passed by the place he was floating.

Despite the low temperatures, the man did not hesitate to enter the sea , with the aim of saving the turtle that was covered. 

The man risks his life to grab the turtle and take it to shore. While the reptile had several plastic bags attached to his body, because they had been thrown into the sea .

With the help of a knife, the man tries to free the turtle, so he grabs her carefully so as not to harm her. While the animal was calm and did not move, waiting to be helped.

Man Risks His Life by Entering the Sea to Save Turtle Covered in Plastic

After a few seconds, the man was able to free the turtle, who had a plastic band around his neck that prevented him from breathing normally. At the end, they let the animal enter the water again, but this time, without any waste.

Several people congratulated the noble action of the man who risked his life and rescue the turtle that was covered in plastic, also, others reproached the fact that “there are people who throw garbage in the sea and animals are the victims.”

“God must smile when he sees a human perform an act of disinterested kindness to another creature,” “we should all take a lesson from this man,” “it’s good to know that there are still people in the world who strive to do the right thing ” , showing the terrible condition that the turtle lived .


Source: La Republica