Man Risks Entering Swimming Pool and Swims Next to a Predator [VIDEO]

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Suspense was generated astonishment of those who saw the exact moment when a man from the United States risked being submerged  in a dangerous pool where a fearsome alligator lives that could attack him.

The owner of the viral video wanted to demonstrate that the predator was a tender and tame animal.

However, the fury of the predator proved otherwise. The subject entered a pool deep in the water, an alligator was watching the man’s movements for the right moment and attack him.

“The next time you’re ready to jump into the pool, you might want to do a quick scan of any unwanted, long, green and scaly visitor,” read the description that “Animal Planet”.

It is a couple, Paul and Ashley, who rescued the creature and from that moment they live together with the reptile, they have spend their time training him to avoid attacks against humans.

In this note we share with you so that you can appreciate the images of the alligator next to the man.


Source: La Republica