Man Removes His Net From a Pond and Discovers that Instead of Fish he Managed to Capture a Python

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“I was surprised, but I’m glad he did not bite me,” said the victim of this unusual story. 

Bowled over. This is how a Thai fisherman was after encountering a frightening reptile that had been trapped in his net. 

Chalerm Nookaew, a 34-year-old man who was fishing in a pond located in the province of Chachoengsao, in the south of the Asian country.

Suddenly, the fisherman of this unusual story noticed the presence of a strange being in his net. After approaching, he noticed that it was not a large fish, but was a frightening python that turned out to be 4 meters long.

The subject called almost immediately to the local emergency services and a rescue team arrived at the site shortly after.

The video lets us see that the man decide to free the reptile from the net to place it in a sack.

The animal was moved to a distant area where it was captured and was released.

“I’ve been fishing here for a long time and I’ve never caught a snake before – it surprised me, but I’m glad it did not bite me,” the fisherman said.


Source: Trome