Man Makes Extreme Dive Over Lifeguards Head, Without Imagining The Unexpected Outcome [VIDEO]

A man posted a viral YouTube video in which he used a lifeguard’s body as a barrier to perform a deadly dive.

Through YouTube, a viral video showed the exact moment when a swimmer dared to jump over a lifeguard’s head, without imagining the incredible ending. The people who found themselves around the pool never imagined that they were going to witness a deadly dive that would leave them with nerves.

The viral YouTube recording recorded the moment when a lifeguard was surprised with the abrupt jump that a boy made on his head, while supervising the water activities of a group of bathers in a gigantic pool. The video gained great popularity among users in Spain and Mexico.

A fun afternoon for a group of bathers in a busy pool became the best experiences of their lives, as they saw how a man made an extreme dive over the head of a lifeguard, without imagining the incredible outcome immortalized in a shared viral video on YouTube.

After several minutes of tension, the boy without thinking twice ran to his target and made a perfect jump with the help of his arms that propelled him into the air to end up in the water without complications.

The viral YouTube video showed the exact moment when the children who were around the scene were amazed at the incredible outcome. The bold swimmer hit the water with total perfection after making an extreme dive.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the LADbible page , which accumulated more than 1 million views, more than a thousand shares and 500 comments from astonished users. “How did you learn to jump so high? He must be very athletic. He is very muscular too ”,“ amazing, nobody imagined the end of heart attack! ”, You can read on social networks.

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Source: La Republica