Man Is Recorded Using A Drone To Fish And Gets Into Serious Trouble (VIDEO)

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The videos drones have gained great popularity on social networks like Facebook and YouTube. These unmanned aerial vehicles are not only used to record wonderful landscapes from high altitude since some people use them to perform other activities such as fishing. This is the case of a man in Australia who decided to fish from a chair lifted by a drone.

In the video that has gone viral on Facebook it was recorded in the Upper Coliban reservoir, in downtown Victoria, and shows the tests that the subject performs before sitting in the chair to be raised several meters above the water and finally, With beer in hand, he manages to catch a fish and returns safely to the shore.

However, for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, it is a very risky maneuver that could have fatal consequences, so it has initiated an investigation into the case.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson assured ABC that there were serious security risks . “This is the first time Australia has used a large homemade drone to lift someone off the ground. It’s really not sensible to do that in any way, there are many things that could have gone wrong, someone could have been seriously injured.” 

For his part, Tim French, a Sunbury electrician who helped design and build the drone, refused to talk about it.

Did you break the rules?

Gibson explained that in case of severe violations of aviation regulations, fines of more than $ 10,000 could be received and even CASA could initiate legal proceedings . “It will take us some time to gather the information, analyze all that, determine what is the appropriate course of action,” said the representative.

Ross Anderson, the general director of Aviassist, a drone training, licensing and audit company, explained that there were few quality certification standards required for drones under Australian law, “so we could build one in our yard today and fly it recreationally or commercially tomorrow. “

For Anderson, what is shown in the Facebook video is a risky operation and that no one was injured was just a matter of luck. “For the person in the chair, the risk could be computer errors where the plane flies, it could be engine failures where the plane ends up in an uncontrollable state,” he told ABC.

“The best case scenario is that battery games die and sink directly into the water. The perception is that they are easy to fly and nothing goes wrong. You see a lot of people flying over festivals and things like that, but sometimes things they go wrong. People don’t tend to think about that, “added the CEO of Aviassist.

Given this, Gibson responded that drone safety regulations in Australia were exhaustive. “Of course, we keep them under review at all times, because the types of drones are changing, the way drones are used is evolving.”


Source: Mag el Comercio