Man Is Fishing On River And Manages To Film A Strange Creature On Land That Disappears In Seconds [Eerie VIDEO]

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A viral video was released on YouTube that was captured by a man, who fished peacefully in a river, without imagining that a creature was in front of him and fled when he realized its existence.

No one knows what it was. They just posted a viral video on YouTube that was recorded by a man , who calmly fished in a river in the United States , without imagining that he would end up noticing a mysterious creature. The images of this strange being, which could not be identified, became a trend in social networks .

According to the description of the video , which has thousands of views on YouTube, it was recorded in Cameron County, in Texas , in the United States , by a fisherman named Rubén who was catching alligators in this river.

“We talk to a man named Rubén. He and his friend were fishing in a small lake alligators when they found an unusual creature to the water ‘s edge “, you can read the description of the videoon YouTube.

“At first they thought it was just a dog, but they are not very sure, since they hardly realized that they were watching it disappeared among the bushes,” wrote the YouTube channel that uploaded the video .

It is not known exactly what it was that creature, as the video of YouTube has little resolution; nevertheless, many netizens began to elaborate their theories, some extremely crazy.

Some say it was a Sasquatch , better known as Bigfoot , a creature that many people in the United States claim to have found; However, all your tests are usually false or impossible to verify.

The most accepted theory on YouTube is that it would be a man dressed in strange skins and that the fisherman was part of this joke that scared more than one in social networks .


Source: La Republica

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