Man Goes To Insane Measures To Capture Huge Fish Then He Does Something Surprising

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After Holy Week has been held throughout the world, the role of the fisherman has been re-evaluated and his technique to catch infinity of marine species has placed him in an important role for human food and existence. On the moments of tension that the man experienced when capturing a huge creature at the bottom of the lake were unveiled.

The video showed the moment when a man had trapped a gigantic creature at the bottom of a lake, and the entire show was being recorded by dozens of onlookers who saw the outcome of the discovery as incredulous.

What seemed to be an optimal fishing for the guy in this video, in a matter of seconds, became a terrifying experience that left more than one with the creeps. The fisherman felt a sharp pull on his hook that prevented him from floating the prey because of the large size it presented.

For this reason, the fisherman decides to enter the lake and take out by his own means the huge creature that had been placed on the hook. After submerging in the water, the man with the ‘nerves of steel’ forcibly removed a huge carp fish, a very popular species in fishing and found in lakes, rivers of Asia.


However, what seemed an imminent end to the huge carp fish, its fate took an unexpected turn when the man instead put it into the net, decides to release it and return it to the lagoon. The incident shown in the video has caused dozens of lookers to highlight that sense of humanity on the part of the fisherman.  

“A true master of fishing, since he does it consciously and respecting the life of the fish”, “My congratulations for returning it to the river where it belongs. An act of greatness of a great athlete, “they commented.

However, there were others who criticized the good fishing that the man had achieved. “I congratulate you for releasing it, I would not do it the truth, the fish is very rich”, “In the middle of Easter and released it”, they finished.



Source: La Republica