Man Goes Full Tarzan Mode to Retrieve Fishing Lure Stuck in Lake

On December 14, 2018 in Cary, North Carolina, a group of friends were bass fishing until one of the guys cast his line equipped with an expensive lure straight into a tree. Shortly after one of the guys decided to turn into the real life Tarzan and retrieve it in a very exciting fashion.

The footage shows the man climbing the tree to the first branch then making his way down that branch by sliding all the way until he was above the water and then reaches down gracefully to recover that expensive lure. A hero’s work, no doubt!

The man who cast the line had a few words to say in explanation.

“My friend Ulices used his impressive upper body parkour skills to retrieve my lure hanging on a thin branch. He was successful! People tend to call him an American ninja warrior.”

Enjoy the video down below!

Source: ViralHog