Man Finds Old Bottle In The Sea With A Mysterious Message Inside [PHOTOS]

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On Facebook, images that show an enigmatic message written in 1969 that was found inside a strange bottle have become viral.

Through Facebook , some images have been shared that have left thousands of users speechless, as they show the incredible discovery of a man, who found an old bottle while sailing through the sea of Alaska, United States. The particular photographs soon became viral on various social networks.

Tyler Ivanoff, a young man living in Shishmaref, posted on his Facebook account the mysterious message in Russian that he discovered inside this bottle. “Today I found this message in a bottle. Is there a friend who is a Russian translator out there? ”, He wrote on that social network, where a large number of Internet users had all kinds of reactions and comments about it.

The publication was shared hundreds of times which made it easy for the letter to be quickly translated by several citizens. According to the letter, it was written on July 20, 1969 and its author was in the supply ship Sulak, a vehicle of a Russian fleet.

The translation of the letter, which went viral on Facebook , read as follows: “Best regards from the Russian fleet of the Far Eastern Shipping Company of the logistics ship ‘Sulak'”, and the sailor who asked for it that the person who finds the bottle communicates it to the crew, leaving written the address of the company, located in Vladivostok.

Finally the Russian sailor finished the letter saying goodbye to who will find the message: “Good health, long years of life and happy navigation.” Hundreds of users when reading the entire message that went viral , suggested to the man who shared the images on Facebook to contact the navigator who wrote it.

Tyler Ivanoff responded positively to this suggestion, but noted that he could not do so at the moment when he was busy with personal matters.


Source: La Republica