Man Finds No Eggs In His Chicken Coop You Won’t Believe Who The Thief Is (VIDEO)

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Through YouTube, the impressive reaction of a creature that took eggs out of its mouth when threatened by a subject became viral.

A video was shared, which has left its viewers in shock, as it shows how a huge creature expels eggs from its mouth when it was threatened by a man who started recording it. 

It is so strange, because of the unusual nature of the event, it was viralized on several multimedia sources made in India features a huge snake.

Everything happened one morning on a farm of a man from India, who went to collect the eggs that his hens had conceived, however, found nothing to collect, a fact that seemed strange, since every day his hens laid eggs.

Determined to know what happened, he left the corral and very close to the place found a snake that had his body swollen. The subject approached him and began to record, without imagining that the animal would eject seven eggs from his mouth.

The snake, feeling threatened, decided to throw away its food in order to have the necessary agility and flee the place. Viewers were also amazed with the scene.


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