Man Finds Hidden Strange Fish Inside a Mud Pit [VIDEO]

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The discovery made by a man inside a mud pit has people more than shocked. It is possible to see the man putting his hands inside the hole to take out some mysterious creatures that seem to be fish.

While he was walking through a field in Mexico, he realized that in a mud puddle something was moving in a mysterious way. When he put his hands inside the sand slime, he discovered that a strange fish inhabited the puddle. 

It was possible to capture the moment when the young man removes the mud looking for the creatures that were inside. He presumed that they were “dying” fish because they could not stand on their own.

It turns out that the creatures had been trapped inside the mud, which did not allow them to inhale oxygen. However, if you think that this is the only species that can live in a mud pit, we tell you that there is a type of ‘ jumping fish ‘ which has its offspring in this type of mud pit. 



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Source: La Republica