Man Extracts Mysterious Spot In Ice, Without Imagining That He Would Discover Embedded Animal [VIDEO]

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Thousands of Facebook users were terrified to see the mysterious discovery made by a man inside an ice block, where a strange dead animal was trapped.

A viral video shared on Facebook generated surprise in thousands of users, due to the unexpected discovery made by a young man from Alaska, USA. The images spread on various social networks show the appearance of the mysterious animal that appeared dead.

According to the details shared by the protagonist of the video on Facebook, a strange spot in the water aroused the attention of the people of Alaska. Therefore, one of the residents of the United States cut the block to see inside.

The unexpected appearance surprised thousands of users from countries such as the United States, Mexico and Spain, who, through the viral video shared by Facebook, made their comments to an unusual finding.

What is it about? In the first minutes of the Facebook video you can see the exact moment when the man when removing the block of ice discovered that the mysterious spot was a frozen fish.

“Nobody expected it. I think the fish swam the most dangerous area , “reads the description made man in the viral video of Facebook. It is noteworthy that currently the clip on social networks has surpassed one million views.

Watch here the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica