Man Enters Waterhole in Brazil What Happens Next Is Heart Stopping (VIDEO)

The man never imagined that these fish were going to ruin his peace of mind, as you can see in this video, which soon became viral. 

A resident of Brazil  dared to enter the mysterious water and with his partner who recorded, submerged his body into the water. 

We share a snapshot of a video of the moment a man entered the waterhole.

It was detailed what happened with the man of the viral video. The brave man entered the pool of murky water, without imagining what he would discover inside.

You can see the moment when a lot of fish appeared in the water. The bathers all he did was ‘splash’ and immediately the creatures appeared inside the mysterious well that kept myths.

“There is a horror story in this place in Brazil , many people are afraid to reach the top because it is presumed that a ‘ siren ‘ lives in the place, but this brave man entered and made many fish appear ,” he read in the publication.

We shared the video so you can see the incredible discovery made by the man of the video. 

These sea creatures jumped onto the surface and scared the man who only managed to get out of the place as soon as he could.

Source: La Republica