Man Enters Lake to Bothers Crocodile and This Happens.

Through Facebook , a young man shared a viral video that shows the moment when a huge crocodile enraged a man by ‘pulling’ his tail.

He did not measure the consequences. The man who appears in Facebook’s viral video entered a dangerous lake in the United States , where he found a gigantic crocodile, without imagining the reaction that the enormous predator would have when he saw the human. Thousands of users from Mexico and other parts of the world have reacted by sharing their comments.

The publication was shared by ‘HispanoPost’ on Facebook . The description of the viral video indicated that a group of friends who were walking through a remote field in the United States , diverted their route to hear strange sounds coming from a pond.

“Some friends found a huge crocodile in a small pond near their house and they had no better idea than to try to film with him, one of them even dared to pull the reptile’s tail. “, detailed the publication on Facebook .

The young people when arriving until the dangerous lake were with a gigantic crocodile that was inside the water. The protagonist of the video that spread on Facebook , risked his life to approach the creature to dare to ‘pull’ his tail.

In the first minutes of the viral video it is possible to appreciate the moment in which the daring man bothered the reptile, without imagining that this one would have a violent reaction. The predator approached the subject who ‘pulled’ him to devour him.

However, the quick reaction of the American saved his life.Thousands of users on Facebook and other social networks have been expressed by the scenes of the clip since the boy molested the crocodile , a fact that angered the lovers for the animals .

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