Man Drags 300 Pound Snapping Beast from Depths of Murky Lake with His Bare Hands [VIDEO]

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A strange discovery was made by a young man in a muddy lake.

A video shows the moment in which a young man entered a dangerous lake in the United States. The man risked his life in order to find the creature that everyone feared.

In the first minutes of the video, it shows the moment in which the man submerges his bare hands into the depths of the lake. Suddenly, it was unclear at first what he was pulling from the muddy bottom, then a huge creature is shown snapping it’s jaws.

When the man raised it out of the water, people were shocked to see a reptile. It was a huge turtle, which according to the man, weighed more than 100 kilos.

It turns out that the gigantic shelled creature is an Alligator snapping turtle.

“This animal is very strange”, “What a horror”, “It is gigantic”, “An animal of 300 pounds could cause terrible damage to the subject” were some of the comments made by people who have viewed the video.  


Source: La Republica