Man Does Amazing Circus Act Above DANGEROUS Waters

During April, 2019 in Cala Millor, Mallorca, Spain, a man is found doing gymnastic/circus like tricks on a slack line connected to the boardwalk. He is filmed performing awesome movements like back flips, front flips, and more! Whats also interesting is that he could in fact be doing this above dangerous territory if there is sharks underneath or any other dangerous sea predators.

If he were to fail a trick and fall in, there could be some threatening fish down there waiting for him. Nonetheless, he indeed lands every trick he attempts and succeeds in completing a perfect run/performance. An awesome show to see when you are just chilling around the boardwalk and especially for the small price of nothing.

It seems like the man was just there hanging out, enjoying himself, and practicing his hobby.

Source: ViralHog