Man Catches HUGE Fish by Hand and Then…

On February 20, 2019 in Pilliga, Australia, a man and his friends decided to head down to a river which had been in terrible shape after a drought. They realized that there had still been some fish living in that unhealthy part of the river so they decided to look for a few fish they could move to another part.

But instead they found one huge guy and attempted to catch it by hand. After succeeding to capture it in his hands, the main guy in the video brought it back to the truck and they made their way to a healthier part of the river. Once there, they slowly lowered it down into the water and let it get back to doing its thing in a much healthier environment.

This video shows just how much some of us pay attention to the wild and sea life we share this planet with. It was a generous act of kindness for this Aussie man to go out of his way to aid this wonderful big fish, giving it a fighting chance during the severe drought.

Source: ViralHog