Man Catches Fish Then Receives a Shocking Surprise Which Makes Him Return it Immediately

On February 12, 2019 in Southern California, a man and his buddies were fishing on the beach and ended up catching a fairly large barred perch. Due to its unusual size, they started to photograph it until the fish started to give birth to babies right in the guy’s hand! After witnessing this, he decided to do the right thing and return the fish to the water. The man had this to say in explanation with submission of the video.

“I’m a fishing guide and I recently caught a barred surf perch on a Southern California beach. We were just about to photograph it as it was pretty big when she started to give birth to live young fish in my hand. We immediately returned the fish. All the babies were carefully returned to the water and she swam off strongly.”

Being experienced, the guy knew what he had to do and returned the fish in good health to continue its life as well as the young. He did the right thing and it made for an awesome video clip.

Source: ViralHog