Man Captures Strange Sea Creature And Sees Hundreds Of Arms To Everyone’s Surprise [Viral VIDEO]

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An astonished fisherman spread a peculiar video on YouTube in which a strange orange creature with tentacles is manipulated after being taken out of the sea.

Impressive viral video courtesy of the sea manages to position itself as one of the most impressive on the YouTube online playback platform , after showing the precise moment in which a man caught a strange orange creature with tentacles, after seeing it floating on the surface of the Pacific Ocean. When he caught it, the young man was terrified with the appearance of the sea ​​animal that was writhing in his hands, without knowing his identity.

The viral YouTube recording showed the disturbing moment when a man caught a mysterious orange creature that was floating in the Alaskan Sea , took it with his hands and discovered that he had hundreds of tentacles that moved in different directions.

Mystery Solved

Without fear of anything, the fisherman manipulated the rare creature with tentacles and recorded it in a viral YouTube video thinking that it was a marine plant, but his surprise was great to discover that it was a marine animal that lives in the depths and that for some strange reason came to the surface to be captured by man.

According to wildlife experts, the mysterious animal is a rare species of sea ​​star called Gorgonocephalus, which roams in salty or fresh waters in search of plankton to feed thanks to its complicated arms.

Among the most striking physical characteristics observed in the YouTube viral video about the starfish , the central disc was found with five arms that branch into smaller and smaller subdivisions. The tentacles or twisting branches serve to wind and catch small crustaceans, such as the northern Krill.

Watch the YouTube viral video:

The viral video on YouTube was shared by the “Viral Press” page with an unusual description: “I was sunbathing off the coast of Prince of Wales Island, Alaska and I noticed the strange marine organism,” the fisherman wrote on the nets social.



Source: La Republica