Man Captures Huge Sea Creature that Reacted Like This When it Was Caught [VIDEO]

He was very surprised. A video was viralized on YouTube starring a man, who captured a huge sea creature that reacted like this.

Unthinkable outcome. The presenter of the program ‘Monsters of river’, very popular in the United States, traveled to the Republic of the Congo, in Africa, without imagining that he would catch a strange creature that did not want to be caught and that had an unusual reaction when it was caught by this man. The video showing this incident was viralized on social networks, especially YouTube, and thousands of people were shocked to see it. Why? We’ll tell you.

What happened? As can be seen in the images of the YouTube viral, Jeremy arrived in the Congo for his new capture, a huge river animal that caused terror in the villagers.

With the help of one of the residents of Africa, the ‘Rio Monsters’ driver removed the caged animal. Its fearsome appearance terrified more than one YouTube cybernaut and other social networks.

“The most impressive eel I have ever seen, this peculiar river monster amazes even Jeremy Wade,” reads the YouTube viral video description. In this note we share the images with you.

If you want to see what the terrifying fish that emerged from the water looked like, check out our gallery containing images of the YouTube viral video. Remember that to see the photos, all you have to do is slide each one to the left.

Also, we share the video that is trend on YouTube. This publication has been released by the ‘River Monsters’ account, which currently has more than one million subscribers.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that YouTube has broadcast videos about fish catching. U.S. host Jeremy Wade has made impressive scenes capturing creatures in different parts of the world.