Man Bumps Into Terrifying-Looking Creature When Navigating Murray River [Warning Sensitive Content VIDEO]

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On YouTube, a video went viral by showing a man touring a river with a boat and finding a strange being that left him completely surprised.

The video has gone viral and has generated the surprise of thousands of users, because it shows how a young man navigates the Murray River in Barham, Australia, and is face to face with a mysterious creature, which has a creepy look. The unusual recording quickly became a trend in social networks in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

On YouTube and other Internet platforms, thousands of videos showing encounter between people and rare creatures can be seen daily. In some of these clips you can identify which animals they are, while in others you never know and become an unsolved mystery.

On this occasion a man who was navigating a river found a fearsome creature , who after a few minutes of inspection could find out what it really was. In the first seconds you can see how the boy records with the camera of his cell phone while travelling on a motor boat, however, he sees something floating in the water in the distance and decides to go investigate to find out what it is.

Instantaneously, the viral video on YouTube shows how the small boat heads towards its goal, while the man you look closely to realize that this was not any kind of movement. After this, he decides to put on some gloves and take the creature by the tail and take it to the shore to see it in detail.

The young man transferred the animal to the outside of the Murray River and discovered that it was actually a dead crocodile , which had been in the water for a long time, to the point that his entire body lacked the outside of the skin.

The unusual video went viral in a matter of hours because of the amazing discovery of the man. It also generated all kinds of reactions and comments among thousands of users of different social networks.

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Source: La Republica