Man and His Team Help Rescue Multiple Baby Seals from Fishing Nets

On May 11, 2019, a kayaker in Namibia recorded his encounters with numerous baby seals trapped in nets and how he cut them free with a line cutter.

Schalk Louw, who filmed these rescues, caught the seal pups in a specially designed blue net after the mammals had become entangled. They would then unzip the blue net and proceed to cut the netting so the seals could be free once again.

“We got a net from a good friend in California to help aid us in our rescues. We’re testing it out and it works well with the small pups. In the video, Naude is using the net to catch a pup caught in fishing line and I used my line cutter to assist him and to cut the pup free,” said Louw.

In another rescue, the kayaker manages to catch a seal by its tail that had fishing lines around its neck.

Louw told Newsflare: “My line cutter could not cut through the line without having to use excessive force. Thankfully Francois was there with his Leatherman so he cut the lines off and the pup was free to play again.”

The filmers show how they hold the pup’s head down with some force due to the strength of the sea mammal. However each seal was able to happily flee back to the sea, free from the man-made trapping.

Source: Liveleak & Newsflare