Man Adopts A Dog On The Beach That Could Not Walk and Helps Him With Therapy [VIDEO]

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A man moved by his story adopted an abandoned dog that could not walk and helps him by doing therapy with him.

“We could tell the stories to make them cry. I prefer to help them to have hope “, expressed the man to tell his experience to the users, about his adoption to the tender dog .

The man after adopting the helpless dog that could not walk due to health problems, saw the way to help him and tried to perform several therapies.

First he took the dog to the beach and motivated him to swim, so that he could move his front and back legs, likewise, accompanied by massages. Then, he puts a device for it that serves in therapy to revive the joints.

A few months passed and the man tries to make the dog look better; can walk, therefore, puts a special strap to go for a walk on its hind legs. He even placed a string in his house.

“Pure love, true loyalty to those so noble beings”, “how cute and beautiful to see this story and actually made me cry”, “this man is my hero “, for the help that the Lord gave his pet .

Source: La Republica