Man Achieves Great Feat When Walking on Frozen Lake and Surprises Users [VIDEO]

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young man shared a video on YouTube , where he shows the precise moment he manages to walk on a frozen lake in Russia . This fact went viral and left thousands of users impacted.

Through the platform of YouTube , a young man shared a video, where he captures the precise moment of his great feat to achieve walking on a frozen lake in Russia , also, thousands of users were shocked with the fact that it has gone viral .

Due to low temperatures in Europe , people have to endure the cold wave that is currently experienced, including lakes and rivers were frozen, so a young man posted on YouTube a video, which is shown walking on ice .

On January 12, a young man went to Lake Baikal , located in Siberia, region of the country Russia ; However, he was impressed to see that it was totally frozen , it was then that he had the idea of ​​walking on the ice, as seen in the YouTube images.

The young man walked slowly over Lake Baikal , afraid not to fall, as the frozen surface could break; nevertheless, the opposite happened, and he could observe the reflection of his face, besides fish .

“I walked on the crystal clear ice incredibly transparent, I felt as if I was standing on the water or walking on very fragile glass, despite this, I knew it was safe to be there since the thickness of the ice was about 15 cm,” he said. the young man in his YouTube video.

The water was crystal clear that some users believed that the young man walked on the air, for a moment of the YouTube video, the viral protagonist is encouraged to lie on the lake and write his name on the ice along with a heart.

Here we leave the video that was shared on the YouTube page called‘Newsflare’ which already has more than 600 thousand views and several comments from users who were impressed with the achievement of the young person.