Magical Creature Is Discovered Very Close To The Coast And Its Appearance Will Surprise You [VIDEO]

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Amazing. On YouTube , a strange marine creature left thousands of users surprised, after a diver filmed her when she dived into the Red Sea, in Egypt.

Awesome. video went viral on YouTube , showing a huge sea ​​creature that feeds on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The images recorded by a diver left thousands of users amazed by the appearance of the animal.

A diver decided to dive into the depths of the Red Sea, in Egypt , without imagining that he would record a huge animal in danger of extinction, which terrified him at first when he saw smoke at his sides; however, when he approached, he really noticed the identity of this sea creature. The record of this unique find has caught the attention of thousands on YouTube .

And is that the animal appears in the YouTube video was a dugong, better known as a sea cow, very similar to the manatee, which uses its huge trunk to feed on seaweed . The supposed smoke that came out was actually the sand scattered due to the suction and expulsion of it.

The animal that measured 3 meters in length is a cetacean that is in danger of extinction, since its meat are very appreciated in the countries that border the Indian Ocean . Despite this, the government of Australia has managed to increase its population.

These cute little animals are very peaceful, they feed only on algae in the coastal areas and their average life is 50 years, in exceptional cases they reach 70. On the other hand, it is probable that these animals have given rise to the myth of sirens due to the shape of your body. The word dugong derives from the Malay ‘duyong’, which means mermaid .