Maersk Places in 30% of the Merchandise without Insurance Transported by Sea

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The shipping company now offers an alternative or complementary service to cargo insurance in Spain to insure the merchandise while it is in its custody.

The Maersk marine group points out that “approximately 30% of the cargo that moves in the ocean is not insured”. In mid-December 2018, the company launched an insurance service, with a premium of 29 dollars a container, which is now also available in Spain. “This new service offers customers an alternative to cargo insurance, which increases the possibility of receiving full compensation in case of damage to cargo in transit,” explained the shipping company.

While the cargo is in the custody of Maersk, the service called Securities Protection covers “the loss or damage of the cargo in cases such as fires, accidents by sea, theft, natural disasters, cyber incidents or damage to the cargo caused by delays and contributions in common or gross damage and salvage expenses, all of which would be excluded in the conventional terms of transport “. The Head of Logistics and Services of Maersk, Klaus Rud Sejling, recalled that “international conventions limit the liability of carriers and establish potential payment limits”. However, “when acquiring Securities Protection, our clients will be calm, because even if an unpredictable event occurs, their cargo is protected.”

Maersk Places in 30% of the Merchandise without Insurance Transported by Sea

This Maersk service can act as a substitute or as a supplement to regular cargo insurance. It can be requested for products that are shipped in dry containers, as well as for selected products that are shipped in refrigerated containers, the maritime company has pointed out. The prices of this service start from $ 29 the container in its


Source: El Mercantil