Lucky Tourists Get a Private Show From Group of Whales

On August 30, 2018 in Moss Landing, California, a group of tourists had a surprise show given to them by a couple of whales. The one who recorded the video explained what happened by saying this.

“I used to work on a whale watching tour company on the Monterey Bay in California. We were watching whales feeding on bait balls of anchovies. We had our boat engines shut off and the whales came closer and closer and began lunge feeding right next to us!”

So it seems that they were actually on a whale watching adventure but didn’t expect to see the whales coming that close and beginning to lunge feed right beside them. It must be one thing to watch whales lunge and feed from a distance, but when they’re that close to your boat it must be quite the experience! A wonderful sight that made for a great capture on video.

Source: ViralHog