Low Water Levels Reveal This Beautiful 16th Century Church Submerged Under Water For 50 Years In Chiapas Mexico (VIDEO)


The old building was already visible in 2002 and 2015 due to the decrease in the water level.

A 16th century Catholic church has been uncovered in the middle of a reservoir in Chiapas (Mexico), due to the historic descent of the water level caused by the drought that affects the southeast of the Latin American country. The levels recorded are the lowest in the last 12 years, local media reported.

The temple was built by the order of the Dominicans and, apparently, was submerged in 1966, when the construction of the dam of Nezahualc├│yotl, also called Malpaso, ended. Since then, it only emerges when water levels fall drastically, as has happened in recent days.

Although the temple has been under water for more than 50 years, the facade is still in good condition.

The lack of rainfall has meant that the Grijalva River, which feeds the dam, descends several meters and the church is visible. However, this is not the first time this phenomenon has happened .

For his part, Luis Antonio Cabrera, technical assistant manager of the National Water Commission, told the local press that the reservoir is below its filling capacity, along with the Angostura dam. According to the report submitted by the National Water Information System, the dam is 53% of its total capacity.

If the descent of the level continues, it could affect the production of electricity and the water supply in the communities of Chiapas and Tabasco.


Source: ActualidadRT