Love Struck Elephant Gropes Woman On Excursion into The Ocean.

girl has become the new protagonist of a viral published on Facebook , because she was the victim of a naughty elephant , which gave her some ‘slaps’ in her body while sitting on top of another animal of her species. This happened when I was walking on a safari, which has surprised users.

However, for the protagonist of the video shared on Facebook , her safari trip became a shameful experience that she will never forget.What happened? young woman lived in the flesh the mischief of an elephant , while she was riding on another mammal.

In nature, elephants are animals classified as wild, but when they are domesticated they can even interact with people. The young  woman who was mounted on an elephant was victim of the mischief of a huge elephant, who spent touching and sniffing with his trunk the ‘derrier’ of the protagonist of the Facebook video.

In the Facebook images, the young lady is seen as a victim of the harmless attack of the elephant in front of dozens of people who were enjoying the fun safari ride.

The hubbub that the girl showed was recorded in a video captured by tourists who did not hesitate to share it on Facebook . On the other hand, the naughty elephant was removed from the young woman to avoid any injury due to his heavy trunk that impacted throughout his body.

Once the video was shared on Facebook , more than six thousand reproductions were recorded, hundreds of shared and a series of comments where more than one highlighted the fun moment a young woman lived during her safari trip. “How exciting !, but I would not have wanted to be in his shoes!”, “Incredible, are the emotions that are lived in Africa,” the users highlighted.