Live Footage of Reporter Holding Huge Fish Without Imagining What Would Happen Next [VIDEO]

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A young reporter who is seen in the video, starred in the worst blooper of her life while filming a live report with a huge fish.

It will make you smile, the hilarious moment a reporter from the United States lived in full live broadcast was appreciated. The reporter holding a huge fish, not imagining that the creature would rage in front of the cameras.

She accepted the challenge of holding the huge creature by the tail, but her courage lasted less than a minute.

The woman presented the huge creature that was caught from the river, when the fish made sudden movements, she  screams and falls onto the lap of the fisherman who accompanied her.

The second scene shows the moment in which the journalist ran terrified when seeing that the fish flapped all over the boat that transported them. 

Here we share the video so you can appreciate that funny moment.


Source: La Republica