Leave Your Home Due To Flood, Return And Find A Fierce Predator On Your Roof [VIDEO]

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Video went viral on YouTube. A man was terrified, after seeing a huge reptile lying on the roof of his house during a terrible flood.

A viral YouTube video showed the moment when a boy returned home abandoned by the terrible floods that have been plaguing the city of Belgaum in India and found a dangerous reptile lying on the roof of his house. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

With the help of a boat, a man returned home and saw in the distance that a huge reptile was resting on its roof after having swum from the overflowing river Krishna. When the water level dropped, the hungry creature got stuck between the tiles.

For this reason, the man did not think twice, grabbed his cell phone and recorded the terrifying appearance of a hungry crocodile, which left more than one user on YouTube with the creeps. However, the huge reptile did not seem to mind getting trapped between the tiles, and preferred to take some warm rays of the sun.

The incident was recorded on August 11, 2019 when the motionless presence of a huge reptile stood out among the flooded houses that had left the heavy rains recorded in a popular city in India. The person responsible for the YouTube recording zoomed in on his camera and recognized a hungry crocodile.

The viral video was shared on YouTube by the “ANI” page, which accumulated more than 53 thousand views, 220 shares and dozens of comments. “This year it seems that crocodiles from all over India have planned to be in the news,” “anyone could end up hurt,” “I wouldn’t even get close to them,” users wrote on social media.

Watch the YouTube viral video:


Source: La Republica