Land of No Return: The Mysterious Island That Many Natives Believe Could Be a Portal to Another World

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Barsa-Kelmes is the largest island of the Aral Sea, located in Central Asia, between Kazakhstan and northern Uzbekistan, this place is surrounded by mystery; insluso, it has been said that it is cursed and remains uninhabited for several years.

The natives of Kazakhstan tell stories about disappearances of entire families that left no trace on the island, but there are also legends about people who visited a day in Barsa-Kelmes, and then discover that decades had passed.

In fact, the very name of this island means No Return in Kazakh language.

There are also stories about unusual creatures such as sea serpents , gigantic beasts with long necks that sometimes glimpse in the fog and the disappearance of some pilots, who sent a last message when landing on the island emergency that spoke about UFO sightings .

An article published in 1959 describes an encounter at that site with live pterosaurs and in the 1980s, a ship mechanic named Timur Dzholdasbekov wrote a letter about having found a kind of military base that the next day was no longer there.

At one time it was said that the USSR had a secret zone there, where they developed new military weapons and macabre experiments, the truth is that the island is not very large: it covers 23 kilometers long and 7 wide, and mostly of territory lacks vegetation.

Do you think this island keeps some strange military, mythological or alien secret?

Find out about all the information about this island in the following video: