Kitesurfer Records Himself Surfing And Unintentionally Captures Meteorite In The Sky (VIDEO)

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On YouTube, a video went viral that allows you to appreciate the moment when a celestial fragment travels brightly through the sky.

A recent YouTube post grabbed the attention of millions of Internet users around the world, after a video that distinguishes the exact moment in which a meteorite surprises a young man who was kitesurfing became viral.

Kitesurfing is known to be a sliding sport that involves the use of a traction kite. It is estimated that different modalities can be practiced, such as jumps and maneuvers, regattas between buoys and surfing in waves.

Precisely, Dorian Cie, is a fan of the aforementioned water sport that was broadcasting via YouTube, from the North Sea, but it was a detail that shone in the sky that stole the attention of cyber users.

The peculiar thing is that the subject that appears in the viral video of YouTube, does not notice at any moment what is happening and continues surfing until the fireball disappears in the sky.

After reviewing the content, he could only see that he caught the passage of a meteorite. According to RT, from the American Meteorite Society, “they rate the video as quite unique for these types of events.” In addition, it details that the celestial fragment concluded its route in the south of Rens, in Denmark.


Source: La Republica