Kim Jong-Un Inspects New Submarine And Puts Pressure On The US

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The ship is a submersible with the ability to launch ballistic missiles and is released amid a freeze in negotiations with Washington.

The supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, inspected Tuesday (23.07.2019) a new submarine of his naval forces, paying special attention to his combat systems, amid renewed threats from Pyongyang to freeze the dialogue with the United States due to the military exercises that this country carries out with South Korea.

The North Korean propaganda media show that Kim reviewed the submersible, whose deployment in the waters of the Sea of ​​Japan (called the East Sea in the two Koreas) “is close.” The images show the submersible, whose specifications were not delivered, in a dry dock covered Neither Kim’s date of visit nor the location of that ship has been specified by state media.

“The Supreme Leader was informed in detail about its operational and tactical systems, and combat capability,” the KCNA news agency said Tuesday. According to experts, the ship would be at the base of Sinpo (the country’s east coast), The main development center of the North Korean submarine program, as far as it can be appreciated, is an advanced version of Sinpo class submersibles, capable of launching ballistic missiles.

Missile capacity

This new submarine, named Sinpo C by US intelligence, would be larger and would have the capacity to launch at least four ballistic shells (the Sinpo only has the capacity to carry a missile). The North Korean media deployment seems unequivocal regarding the message it sends to the US. so that talks on denuclearization are restarted as soon as possible, which continue to show no progress.

Washington and Pyongyang collided at the summit in Hanoi (Vietnam) held in February, and although the recent impromptu summit on June 30 in the Demilitarized Zone that divides the Korean peninsula between Kim and US President Donald Trump, promised to restart the talks of work, for the moment there has been no significant progress.

Kim Jong-Un Inspects New Submarine And Puts Pressure On The US


Source: DW