Kids Bump Into Hungry Crocodile Inside Water pond and what Happens Surprises Thousands [VIDEO]

Terrifying. A viral video shared on YouTube recorded the precise moment when two young men entered a pool of water and came face to face with a huge predator killer.

Shocking images. Two young people from the United States have become the protagonists of a daring maneuver that was published on YouTube and other social networks. The viral video shows the precise moment when the risky men had an unexpected reaction when they came face to face with a huge crocodile resting in a pool of water.

As can be seen in the viral video published in Chandler’s Wild Life account on YouTube, two young Americans challenged death by being a few inches away from a voracious animal.

After a few seconds, the YouTube viral video recorded the moment in which the fearsome wild beast that stalked the boys appears.

According to the details in ‘Chandler’s Wild Life’, this is a predator of more than 200 kilos. The Americans stood in front of the crocodile to distract it, then trapped it to move it to a special enclosure.

In this article we share our photo gallery with the captures of what happened in the YouTube viral video. Remember that in order to see the images, all you have to do is slide each one of them to the left.