Kayaking Near Dam Turns Into TRAGEDY After Man Gets Swallowed

Rafting on the Medveditsa River in the Tver Region turned out to be fatal for a kayaker from Dubna near Moscow. His friends we’re standing on the shore and filming as he attempted to conquer the damn in his kayak. With that being said, things didn’t turn out good when the dam’s whirlpool ended up swallowing him causing him to drown.

The tragic incident occurred not far from the village of Upper Trinity in the Kashinsky District, where in the 1980s the only dam on the Bear was built. Camera man who shot the video said, “I thought it would be worse, to be honest.”

After a couple of seconds the kayak turned over, the man began to be taken by the dam. He tried his best to stay on the surface, but in the end the whirlpool pulled the athlete down. His body was later pulled out of the water.

President of the “Tver Kayak Club“, Mikhail Orlov said, “The apparent lack of experience and understanding of what can happen when passing through such a man-made obstacle. In such dams, a very powerful reverse undercurrent forms, and if a person leaves the boat, he is dragged under the sink.”

Source: LiveLeak.com