Kayakers Take a Close Look at the Surprising and Dangerous Collapse of a Glacier Spencer Glacier in Alaska. [Video]

There was a violent burst in the water, followed by a big wave that reached explorers Andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr.

The amazing collapse of a huge piece of ice on the Spencer Glacier, located in Alaska (USA), was captured on video by two men sailing quietly in their kayaks. The images collected by their cameras on August 10 have spread rapidly in social networks.

In the recordings you can see their authors, the young Andrew Hooper and Josh Bastyr, sailing near the glacier until some sounds catch their attention and stop. A few seconds later, surprisingly, large chunks of ice collapse, producing a violent burst in the water, followed by a big wave that catches up with them.

Despite having been hit by the effects of the amazing phenomenon, including not only a water bath but some small fragments of ice, the two young men were unharmed.

“What began as a quiet glacier exploration at Spencer Glacier quickly became the greatest adrenaline rush in our lives. We are so grateful to be alive, and marveled at the power of nature,” Hooper wrote on his Facebook page.

His videos, with more than 44,000 YouTube views, have been quickly posted on various social networks.