Kayakers Earn Everyone’s Respect For Helping Seal Pups In Distress from Ocean Plastic Pollution (VIDEO)

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The video that shows the actions of the kayakers already has more than a million views on YouTube.

Many YouTube users were more than excited after watching a video in which you can see some very noble kayakers. They run out to help seal pups who are struggling because of plastic pollution in the ocean.

The clip, of more than 5 minutes, shows these good Samaritans cutting the nets in which mammals are wrapped, freeing them from their suffering. In several of the bailouts, the animals seem to be fearful.

The adventures of the kayakers were shared on YouTube by the Newsflare channel on September 16. So far, the material has more than 1.8 million reproductions.

“It is a laudable, dedicated and extremely impressive work. They deserve the best to help these beings in trouble,” said one of the users.

Due to the large number of viewers who follow the Newsflare channel on YouTube, it is possible that the video is made of many more views and responses.


Source: Trome