Just When They Thought They Were Safe Another GIANT Wave Swallows Them

On February 6, 2019 in Nazare, Portugal, a surfer named Salvador Vilas Boas was trying to ride some waves until a big wave sends him straight at full speed causing him to fall of his board. As his driver attempts to come pick him up on a Sea Doo, an even bigger wave comes crashing down on them sending the vehicle and them totally under.

The size and strength of these waves is wild. If you look closely at the surfer when hes riding the wave, you can see him flying at a very high speed which essentially causes him to fall off due to his inability to remain stable. With the first wave being massive, you wouldn’t expect another wave being even bigger right behind it.

But in the end the second wave was completely massive and just totally wiped out everything in its path. Only leaving behind a large amount of white foam on top of the water. This goes to show how difficult it is to surf and tame these waves!

Source: ViralHog