‘Journey to the Center of the Cold’: They Lower a Camera 650 Meters Deep Under Antarctic Ice (VIDEO)

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A group of researchers studying the ice from Antarctica drilled a 650-meter deep well at the Filchner barrier.

When the drilling was completed, they introduced a camera and lowered it to the bottom. The video of the descent was published by Johannes Lohse, of the University of Birmingham, on his Instagram account .

The researcher participates in the FISS project (Filchner Ice Shelf System) which aims to forecast the impact of global warming on that ice plateau and the rate of elevation of the ocean level.

A measuring device was placed in the well, to collect data on the temperature and ocean currents under the platform.

The tunnel was created using a hot water drill , a method also used in the BEAMISH project , in which a well deeper than 2,000 meters deep in the Rutford ice stream was drilled at the beginning of last month.


Source: ActualidadRT