Journey Ends In Tragedy After Vehicle Crashes Into Sea Channel In Delaware Three Dead And One Missing (VIDEO)

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The survivor, 16, is friends with the victims.

Authorities reported that the driver of the Chevy HHR truck rescued a 16-year-old girl, and after putting her safely on land, she plunged into the water for her family members losing their lives in the attempt. Two children, aged 12 and 16, were found inside the vehicle, while a child, aged six, is still missing, so the maritime search continues.

The New Castle Police said that all the occupants of the van, except for the survivor, were related. The young lady was friends with them.

The search was carried out on Sunday until 7:00 pm and resumed at 5:00 am on Monday. The Master Cpl. Michael Austin said they have a specialized maritime insertion team that detects in-depth ways and that way divers can enter and look for what could be the least.

The incident was recorded through a 911 call at 9:41 am Sunday in Middletown. The van was found one mile from Route 1 near the Sen bridge. William V. Roth Jr.

Austin specified that relatives of those affected do not want their identity revealed. “We will respectfully abide by your request,” he said before adding that dozens of people in the community came to help, but were not allowed because of the amount of resources they are using to find the child.

He described the driver, 18, as “a hero who did what he could” to save his own.

The investigation continues, but so far it is unknown what happened to the vehicle and why it ended up in the body of water.


Source: Telemundo33