Joint China-Russia Exercise Conducts Marine Competitions

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QINGDAO, April 30 (Xinhua) – The military exercise “Joint Sea 2019” between China and Russia on Tuesday held competitions between the naval contingents of both countries.

Contenders from both sides participated in competitions that included rifle shooting, sniper fire and obstacle course.

Chen Weidong, deputy chief of the Marine Corps of the Chinese Navy, said the competitions offer the opportunity for mutual learning and exchanges between the two sides, noting that the events also strengthen friendship.

The “Joint Sea 2019” exercise takes place from April 29 to May 4 and focuses on joint maritime defense.

Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Naval Research Academy of the Chinese Navy, said the joint exercise shows the mutual strategic high-level trust between the two countries exercises, since both parties have sent the exercise to some of their main ships in service and shared some performance information about their boats and equipment in the exercise.

The capacities of the armed forces of the two countries to carry out joint operations have been continuously improved and the two navies are also injecting positive energy into world peace and regional stability, Zhang said.

Zhang stressed the defensive nature of the exercise, which is not directed against any third party. He said that the exercise includes basic combat techniques in defensive operations at sea, as well as actions to jointly respond to non-traditional threats such as marine search and rescue, combating piracy and maintaining security on the routes of maritime transit.

Joint China-Russia Exercise Conducts Marine Competitions


Source: Spanish China