Japanese Ship is Attacked by a Giant Sea Creature and Thousands Are Left in Shock [VIDEO]

Scary. Through YouTube , a video that has left thousands of users in shock was viralized, as a giant sea creature tried to shoot down a Japanese vessel.

Moments of suspense. On YouTube   Thousands of users have been terrified because a video says that a Japanese ship was attacked by a giant sea creature , which until now was not known what animal it was. The images became viral in social networks.

gRUNgerOFICIAL , the YouTube channel that shared this story, revealed that it all began on March 10, when the Japanese press began to viralize an incident caused on the high seas, when a passenger ship collided in strange circumstances with a sea creature.

This incident did not go unnoticed by the authorities, so they began to investigate the area of ​​the crash to see which marine animal had hit the ship, everyone thought it could be a whale , but the truth terrified thousands on YouTube .

“When inspecting the surface of the ship, it was discovered that it had suffered a 15-centimetre-wide break in its hull, and the coast guard concluded that the blow had been caused by a huge animal, but they did not know which,” he says . .

Experts reported that the marine animal that collided would have hit the ship, it would be a whale-like creature, but with a much larger size and the possibility of having a crest on its back, which is so thick that it pierced the surface of the ferry, this caused all kinds of theories on YouTube .

There is still no official information about the sea creature that collided with this ferry, since despite the searches have not found anything; nevertheless, on YouTube the idea that a ningen (a creature of Japanese folklore ) would be the cause of the accident began to circulate, something totally improbable.

We leave the video with all the information that was revealed about this strange phenomenon that took place in Japan. You will be terrified by this strange phenomenon.