It’s No Secret That Canadians LOVE Beer A New Brew Has Been Created Made from Sea Salt

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A couple of Canadians selling salt from the Atlantic Ocean have partnered with a brewing friend to create a sea salt beer, which will soon begin commercial distribution.

Every day, Colin Duggan plunges his bucket into the cold waters of the east coast and fills up huge pots in his home in downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where his wife Audrey boils water and filters the salt .

The couple started Tidal Salts, his small business, three years ago, and sells sea salt containers online and in specialty grocery stores across Canada.

“I grew up on the edge of the ocean, this first taste of salt evokes memories of beach,” says Mr. Duggan to AFP.

His friend Stefan Gagliardi, who works at one of the oldest breweries on the continent, Alexander Keith’s, was looking for a lobster beer that spearheads Nova Scotia, which is the largest exporter. world.

“Usually we pair lobster with champagne, but it’s expensive and I wanted a cheaper alternative,” says Gagliardi.

After trying a German Gose to accompany a lobster dish, he decided to use the salt of his friend’s company to create Le Passage, a German-inspired beer with marine accents.

Gose beers, bitter and salty, were brewed for about a thousand years in Germany before disappearing temporarily during the Second World War.

Recently, this kind of beer has returned to the forefront with the rise of microbreweries in North America, but also in Jordan, where the country’s first microbrewery, Carakale Brewing Company, uses salt from the Dead Sea to make his homemade Gose.

“The flavors you get from this salt are unique, and they make beer unique,” with “lemony acidity, a dry side accentuated by salinity,” according to Gagliardi.

The first delivery of beer, currently confined to the Atlantic Provinces, will take place in early May.

“If this is successful, we could expand its distribution to the rest of Canada and the United States,” says Gagliardi.

It’s No Secret That Canadians LOVE Beer A New Brew Has Been Created Made from Sea Salt


Source: TVA Nouvelles