“It Makes Its Enemies Vomit”: The Characteristic of a Russian Frigate that Worries ‘The Times’

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Upon detecting the Russian ship near Scotland, the British Royal Navy immediately sent a destroyer HMS Defender to track the frigate.

British media have noticed the ‘fearsome’ feature of the device Filin 5P-42, present in the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov. In particular, the British newspaper The Times , reported Thursday that the Russian ship “carries a weapon that makes enemies vomit . “

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov, a Russian warship of the new generation, was detected while sailing along the coast of Scotland. According to the newspaper, the ship was carrying out “aerial defense and counterattack exercises” in the area near the Scottish Air Force base at Lossiemouth, which alerted the British Royal Navy and Scottish politicians .

London deployed its destroyer HMS Defender to escort Gorshkov, while the Scottish side described his crossing as a “provocative drill , ” according to Scottish National Security Party spokesman Stewart McDonald, quoted by the media.

Meanwhile, The Times focused its attention on the device of “visual optical interference” called Filin (‘owl’, in Spanish), installed aboard the frigate which, according to the authors of the publication, can cause hallucinations and cause ” Enemies vomit. “

What is the ‘Filin’ system?

As it was known at the beginning of February, the Filin 5P-42 is a system designed to prevent the operation of the observation and targeting systems of enemy weapons , which is achieved by modulating the brightness of the radiation of the light, in such a way that ‘ blind ‘temporarily to rivals. The frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatónov were equipped with such devices.

“Many [of the volunteers who tested the device] have reported this effect: a light spot floating before the eyes that causes a hallucinogenic effect, almost all of them noticed dizziness, nausea and spatial disorientation,” he explained to the Zvezda military chain. the head of the department of scientific and technical support for projects of the manufacturing company, Vladimir Zharov.

Just two weeks ago, the frigates Admiral Gorshkov and Admiral Kasatónov undertook their first prolonged voyage through the southwestern Atlantic . Accompanied by a flotilla of ships, the ships will carry out a series of missions in different areas of the world ocean, with the aim of ensuring the Russian naval presence in operationally important areas of the remote oceanic area.

On Saturday, March 9, Russian media Interfax reported that Admiral Gorshkov “has successfully passed” through the English Channel and  entered the waters of the Atlantic .


Source: ActualidadRT