“It Hit Us With Tremendous Fright” Family That Was Fishing Was Surprised By A White Shark (VIDEO)

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A mother and her son were reeling in their line,  after realizing that they caught something, while reeling in their catch, out of mo where a  shark jumps out of the water, grabbing the fish. The moment was all caught on camera.

The event happened on the coasts of Massachusetts in the United States.

“Incredible images taken today by Doug Nelson fishing aboard the Columbia,” wrote the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy when sharing the video.

It is seen how the white shark steals from the family what they had caught and then hits the boat with its tail. The impact scared a child who was standing at the edge of the boat with his mom, appears in the video.

Doug Nelson referred to what happened, in an interview with New England Cable News, and said: “It hit us with tremendous fright”

The video accumulates thousands of views on social networks.

Source: Noticias CaracolTV